by dirt.

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This is just the beginning

Mixed by GBMystical (soundcloud.com/gbmystical)

Tracks prod. by Jake Jenkins (soundcloud.com/sophos34), GBMystical, Antiks (twitter.com/antiks675), and Dougie Lee (soundcloud.com/dougie-lee)

Artwork by Sagar Vasishtha (art-of-ragas.tumblr.com)


released June 9, 2014

Mixed by GBMystical (soundcloud.com/gbmystical)
Tracks prod. by Jake Jenkins (soundcloud.com/sophos34), GBMystical, Antiks, and Dougie Lee (soundcloud.com/dougie-lee)
Artwork by Sagar Vasishtha (art-of-ragas.tumblr.com)




dirt. Nevada

Dead Pisces from Vegas who makes emo music for no one.

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Track Name: Bout it Bout it Interlude
I put read receipts on so the bitch know I don't give a fuck
Reply in 8 hours like aye lemme fuck that butt
She know I'm a slut but I fuck her good
Haha she don't give a fuck
That's why fuck so good
Odox n me we a power clique
They only 17 and all of Hartford on their dicks
Now I Ain't 17, but we don't gotta talk about it
Pull up in a tank if she really bout it bout it
Track Name: PILLZ ft. J Skeezy
You know that you look good
You know that I look good
Tripping off an 8th of shrooms
Just trying to enter the spirit realm
So if you bout that just stick around
I know you ain't fronted I know you a freak
And I know We bout to wreck te fuckin sheets
Me and you and a friend or three
So many girls john cena couldn't see me
Why don't we hug on these drugs
Why don't we kiss on these shits
Why I don't eat ya and trip
Why we don't fuck on these pills

Why don't we fuck on these pills
Why don't you twerk on this dick
Like you earning a living off of shaking ya shit
Catch me at the geisha house
Getting real trippy
Catch me with the trap thots smoking like a chimney
Nancie move addy thru the post
Like she Karl Malone
Lean and lines and wine and dine
On that pussy no menu
Stick like a tattoo
Murphdirt just grab you
And fuck you hard on the counter
Track Name: Pumpkin Spice Kush
Pumpkin spice latte and some trainwreck
Call that some white boy shit
Murph dirty bird on you bitches end zone
You know when I'm flowing your ass I'll be hoeing your goin nowhere don't dare FUck with my bars crack whore
Cause murph dirt just bizarro JXC so just expect to see a lot of unforeseen flows in.my.repe.twa
Kush got me in the stars
Murph dirt on those bars
Xan, rap, what ever you got
Bars bars bars
Bars bars bars
You know I keep the glass tucked
Smoke out a pipe cause it got my ass on mars
Your boo wan call me bae
I fuck her every day
I just wish I could remember bitch's name
Came on her face and now my mind has drawn a blank
oh well wipe my nut off on your blanket
I wiped my nut off on your blanket

And I never wanted to fight you
But you talked too much shit so I kinda had to
And I think it's clear who the superior MC is
And I'm a doctor that's what the fuckin MD is

Now take a fucking shot right now!
If your drinking you gotta take a shot right now
Bar or party take a shot right now
Gun to your head take a shot right now

Now your ass is drunk so you can't say this wasn't a dope ass song
I know what your thinking I did the track wrong
And your right so suck on this dong
That's the end of my poem
Track Name: 4get Ur Sad
All I wanna do Is make u feel u
Make you brand new
Make u see u
I know a lot of shit ain't been goin your way
I got that shit to take that pain away
Come with me girl
Lay it down at my feet
And we'll forget we're sad
We'll just forget we're sad

Let's take these drugs and fuck
That'll keep us busy
Been doin to much extra shit that it got me dizzy
Please just ride me
While I go to sleep
That way I'll dream
And not be sad
Be never sad

I don't wanna see u cry
I don't wanna see u die
And if u want me to go in then I will

Cocaine white bitch
Weigh less than 10 bricks
Keep talking that shit
She'll let the hammer spit
But then she'll feel bad about it after
And that just adds to her character
I'm a chill dude but this shit got me bummin
Lookin at my life so much to accomplish
So I'm setting goals
And smoking lots of ganja
I'm hopin that you're open to this vibe that I'm promoting
I'm just smoking while I'm writing
Wonderin if a cute girl like me
Or if that ex girl dyking
What's that say bout my dick
If I put her on clit
Oh shit man
I'm too fcked up for this
Wake up and she riding
We both reach the climax
I'm happy she happy we happy
For a second or 3
U n me girl
We Forget we're sad
Track Name: I Want U (2 Fvck Me)
On social media I'm a playboy ass
Mother fucker making Hugh Hefner look to me for his cover
Cause I'm fucking his bitch
Fucking his bitch
Cuffing my dick so she can't Lorena bobbit
Chop chop chop it up with blue dolphins
I'm rolling I'm rolling I'm right out the door pulling a bitch to my list like Lindsay lohan
Bronson like action if you concious
You know that I dig fashion
A camo print passion I street swag in a mansion

I beat up the pussy like I'm attacking a Titan I'm laying the pipe in the back of her ass pull it out and giver a napkin

Beat pussy like attack on Titan
Eat pussy like a god damned Titan
Yo bitch she gone remember a Titan
But frankly I'm just self righteous
Cause I'm Yeezus mixed with yung lean
coming down on this naw-roo-toe ass beat

I want yooooooooou to fuck me
And if ya stay truuueeee I might ring
I want yooooooooou to trust me
And I might choooooose you to wifey
Track Name: High AF
N64 I'm runnin on waves
Top of my game call me bey blades
Gay shade they throw at young murph god
They mad cause they ass clogged
Probably ate too much cheese or blew to much D
That's D for the dirt
Handle my work
Grind on the track like a stripper do twerk
I hit it three times so you know the pussy hurt
Xan to her face
I could fuck her for days
But mix the lean in there and I'm sleeping four days
Wake when September ends then gimme a nother xan
And I'm flying out the window like fucking Peter Pan

You wanna be my Wendy?

You know girl you're really outta this world
And I would never wanna hurt ya baby
And if I ever talk to much bullshit baby
Just know it's cause I'm high as fuck
High as fuck
And I am really just Tryna fuck

So now that we did it
I hope you ain't rid me
I hope that you'll stay here
And we could get comfy
I hope that we'll do it all over the sofa
I hope that you remember my name in the morning
Over analyzing the situation
Fuck what am I doing
This girl got me crazy
I'm going to lose it
I'm fallin in love
Girl brought the loud we smoke in the bathtub
Track Name: PV$$Y
I smell pussy
Get fucked up

I smell pussy every time I walk into my room
I smell pussy every time I walk up in your neighborhood
I'm just playin you know i don't even hate like that
Jennifer Connelly on me
Two bitch go ass to ass
Ass to ass?
Hate to ask you this favor
But here's the number to my beeper
Page your girl while I chief keef her
I'm talkin Bang baaaaaang
Bow bow
Waka flocka bitches flock to me like some pigeons
My flow electronic Ebonics talk thru these symphonic dominant double J beats
You know I'm beating my meats on these queefs who think they can compete with murph dirt's technique
Now they 66 inches deep

And if they ever wanna try me
We can go track to traaaaack
But that's like you wanting ass to ass
Requiem for your career
Where the fuck is my phone
Does that bitch got it
Does that bitch know
That's she a side bitch to a side bitch to a side of fries bitch call me on the boost phone
Hit me with that chirp
I'll hit you with that dirt
Make a bitch see stars and garders I nardwuar er like doot do da loo loo
Give her shocker like murph dirt yung picachu
Pika pika on your ass don't try snatch
My phone bitch
Shit emoji fo yo ass
Ballin like I'm kobe
Free throwing on yo ass
Girl turn around I finna be blowin on yo ass
Now give me the phone bitch
Send me a naked photo of yo ass
Murph dirt RKR clique paparazzi camera flash

Cause young murph don't want no one playin on his phooooone
Get the fuck out my phoooone bitch
Fuck out my phone
Fuck out my phone
Track Name: Murderer
Murderer ima murderer
Murderer I kilt that pussy

I don't know bout these hoes
But damn they look good with no clothes
We trippin we laughin our ass off
Then that ass got broke off
Then we have a smoke off
Murph dirt always winnin doeeee
She passed out in the kitchen dooooe
Might go and peep the shooow
Gonna check her phone
Get her friends numba doe
It's easy to see that murph dirt do be what you be if you do be in your dreams
Y'all can just suck my deez
Nuts my rhyme scheme never a to b
Be cautious anxious P cause my album gonna be rVre with a capital V
That's an upside down A P
K see me and know that my style too damn clean
Make that bitch remember me
Because did the tech deck technique fingerboarding her clit ring
Like a half pipe
Shred that girls pussy like a half pipe

Murderer murderer
Track Name: Murph Lurk
Ima ima lurk you
Girl I ain't no follower
Ima ima lurk you

Instagram tumblr girl it's whatever
All I'm hoping for is a sexy picture
Of your ass, of your face
I don't give a shit as long as it you bae
Lady you a porn star in my mind
I hope your grip is tighter than mine
On my dick, your one click
On my mac like I'm apple girl ima scrap you
Shock the pussy down like ri chu
Roll you up in a poke a ball
I caught you girl I caught you caught you
Ima creep but your a freak at least that's what I think when I see ya
Pussy so good made me a believa
Hit it in the back of the Prius
Made her see Jesus like we out in Juarez
Borat hit her in the wizard sleeve
Gypsy tears all over me
Borat hit her with the wizard sleeve
Gypsy tears all over me
Gypsy tears all over

I want to fuck you
Would you fuck me too?
Track Name: Play Crk the Skye [ILLMISSUS4EVR]
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