Sanctified Single

by dirt.

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Twitter: @Jeffxc
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Emo.Trap.Revival coming Summer 2014


released April 20, 2014

Mixed by Jake Jenkins



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


dirt. Nevada

Dead Pisces from Vegas who makes emo music for no one.

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Track Name: Sanctified
Ok so all really want is just a trap bitch and drugs homie
Type a bitch that gets turnt up of shrooms weed n liquor wit me
Won't have no qualms about fucking off some kush and then getting tacos after
I guess I'm saying that's the type of girl I'm after
Semi slacker but with some cash behind her
Roll blunts with my dogs and then twerk up on me
I'm running on empty off the triple Jim beam labotomy
But then she like "I want you all up inside of me" so kindly please as I go make the pussy sneeze bruh achoo
God bless ya pussy girl
I'm here to crush that pussy girl
But first let me eat that pussy girl
20 vics on the table they got dikes up in the rental and rental don't have insurance so rental grand theft auto
And right now I'm bout to pop some Trevor's and put the world on bullet time
Bullet lines the bedsheets every time she pop that perfect vagine
Every time
Every time
She meet me wen I climax with some weed n Rollin papers
Smoke our selves Into the matrix suck me make me scream that out "oh my god she the one!"
Track Name: Let It Go (Frozen)
Let the pussy go like frozen

How many bitches wanna fuck me
Too many bitvhes wanna cuff me
I say I just wanna eat that pussy
And maybe stick my tongue in the booty
Fuck my old bitch she got a new me
she still hit me up wanna do me
I don't give a fuck bout that old pussy
Got bitches on lease call that new V
Pussy got a power that I can't deny
But I gotta be able to look self in eye
I really wanna say fuck you hoe
Still really wanna fuck you doe
Heart like ice but the pussy so cold
She Let it go like frozen doe
She Let it go like frozen doe
She Let it go like frozen doe
Let the pussy go like frozen doe

Girl I got the these edibles
Smoke my weed incredible
Wash it down with a savionya
Or we can pop champagne all day
Mix a cocktail of xan n lean
Drop red bull in that's mr. Clean
Extra mean when I'm sober
that mean don't approacha
Pussy cold like frozen
Yung dirt god has been chosen
She let it go like frozen
Whine that pussy slow motion
I'm smokin I'm chokin she moaning
Leave her bed sheets fucking soakin
Girl let the pussy go like frozen