blue valentine prod schoolboy qt

from by dirt.




Pull up in her skirt looking like a Damn zombie
I know she off the xan and I think she got more of them
Tyna have a couple then have her abortion
Oh that shits too dark I need a moment
She'd probably keep it
Says she needs it
I can just see it
We stay together for the kid
Or maybe just end it
Ur my blue valentine x3

I know how it'll end before it begins

I Don't know what to think
I'm off beer, n pills, n heartache
Listening to bright eyes
Because I'm fucking sentimental
I'm barely living now
It's fine tho
All my waking moments spent wasted on distractions
Most of my feelings based on an overreaction
Or attraction
I'm a trash can
I'm a trash man
I'm the bad guy
I am no longer anything at all


from stay., released February 20, 2017




dirt. Nevada

Dead Pisces from Vegas who makes emo music for no one.

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