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from by dirt.



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I'm why you don't stay
I hate that you're scared of me
I would never try to relate
I fucked this up again
And you can't pretend
And I can't handle the truth
You won't split ends
And I'm at wits end
Make sure it ends
I love who I love
I want you to live
I want you to eat
Oh, baby please eat
It's harder to breathe
And I'm so okay
As long as you're safe
I put my mind in the back of my mind
I snort a line and I'm back in my mind
I drink to much and it's ruining my life
When you drink it makes me want to drink more
And then I'm alone
On the bathroom floor now
I'm waking up Fully clothed now
Were you drinking for you
Or were you drinking for two
I don't think you're wrong
I just wish that you were
I love who I love


from stay., released February 20, 2017




dirt. Nevada

Dead Pisces from Vegas who makes emo music for no one.

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