on the brightside i could choke prod horse head

from by dirt.




prod. @horsehead1990
Its 4am and I've been drinking
trying to keep from thinking
What it takes for you to fuck with me
I can't figure out what you want from me
Kayla I'm tryin tryin
You only talk to me when you're fucked up
And I love that shit but it's not enough
I need you here right now
I'm sorry I'm drunk
I Pressed send and I know you saw
But I just can't look it's killing me and taking control
In a sober afternoon you'll find me
Regretting everything I explained
We'll go back to square one
Well go back to nothing
But I know you looked I know you looked


from stay., released February 20, 2017




dirt. Nevada

Dead Pisces from Vegas who makes emo music for no one.

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