by dirt.

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dirt. Nevada

Dead Pisces from Vegas who makes emo music for no one.

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Track Name: This House is Empty Prod. GBMYSTICAL
I got that boof bag like gleetchie
If you gods I'm neitzche
Dressing like some he-shes
Clothes black like grease be
Eazy breezy
Get that girl to please me
her head down where my knees be
She knows just how to tease me
Making me feel things I ain't never feel b
She'll be my undoing In some time
but for now She still speaks to me
We don't talk and I know it's best this way
I can't dwell on you and get thru the day
But I'm selfish and I don't want you to be happy
When I'm sad
This house is empty
I am alone inside my thoughts
Track Name: Drying Out Prod. GBMYSTICAL
Have you been eating?
You're starting to look skinny
You're beginning to look better
Have you been drinking water?
I get hit with the fifth degree around holiday parties
Thank god we don't invite family
But I'm drying out now
Met a girl
Met a kid
Tried to be better for them
But me being gone is better for them
Idunno if I agree with that
But it's not like I'm obligated she said
She said I should go she said it was over I guess I had no say in that now tell me how to overcome that?
Either way I think this is the end of me drying out
I'm getting high right now
I need you here right now
Track Name: I Wanna Be Your Lapdog Prod. BUMSWEAT
If you're looking for a lapdog
If you're looking for a good time
If you're lookin for a mother fucker
If you're looking for some strange sex
If you're looking cause I look strange
If you're lookin for damaged goods
If you're lookin for someone to love
Then baby yeah you're  lookin for me

Keep lookin to find me
Rollin off of guy after guy I just hope you roll off me While I'm Rollin got her Rollin thru the deep ass fat like
Pedal to the metal got a sweet tooth
Twisted medal
Purple heart on my sleeve purple activis drink
Sippin til I sleep
RIP yams tho

Keep lookin for me baby
Ima keep lookin for you
I keep thinking that I found you baby
But y'all never agree
Sugar accept me
And all I'll be
Is your lap dog your lap dog yeah

I'll give you heart and my soul
Just know that the goal is to go conquer the world together and to better eachother but I always fuck it up I'm gonna fuck it up
Please don't hate me
I'm deleting your feed now we can slowly forget about each other

And that's fucked up
fucked up
Whatchu up to now whatchu up to
Who you fuckin now, who you fuckin
Track Name: Drug Walk Prod. BUMSWEAT
Drug walk on my drug walk

Just hittup pun got 8th for us to share
Just hittup pun got me geekin off a square
P l u g got it lit like a socket
Cocaine on my dick so you know she gonna suck it
Drug walk on my drug walk lookin fresh
Drug walk asian pussy call it panda express
Drug walk never sober cause I'd have to think
Drug walk too hard  puking in the sink
All my friends know that split the portions fair
Never cop a job if they ever testing hair
Pills/weed/and liquor got me floating out my shoes
If I over dose you can catch me in the news
Track Name: 95 Gridlock Prod. ORKEY
She's two cars down and she's turning it up
Listening to cursive
Two cars down and I'm falling in love
Turns to your favorite weapon
It's all for you beautiful beautiful ×2
Thinking of you nightly
While I'm laying awake
Gridlock passion
Or maybe I'm crazy
But she skip to some old school fugazi
And I don't wanna wait in the waiting room

Yeah I dropped the reference
I guess you decided to stop checking
Don't forget about me
And yeah its a bit obsessive
But who are we if we don't try and see
Hello I love you won't you tell me your name
Yeah you got me high like jim morrison
Come on baby light my fire
It's a trite but apt analogy
I'm gonna get you hot up under me
I'm gonna get you higher and higher ×2
Track Name: World Cup Prod. Jake Jenkins
Ima make you come 5 times
Ima make you cum 7 times
I'm a make you come back for more
Slam her back against the door
Murph dirt know how to grind on it
Yeah I make her go blind on it
Fuck her til she can't see then blow a dime on it
Yeah Let's get faded girl
Cause I'm jaded girl
Need that pussy yeah I crave it girl
I got a thing for a sad girl
Come and ride on me sad girl
Break it break it down on me sad girl
I'm off a few different things
Shots of the teq
half of a xeen
girl scout cookie
fifth of the lean
Young and I'm reckless
And I'm crossing off my checklist
And I know she want to get this after
 hearing these dirty ass records
No lying
I make their toes curl
Cocaine white girls from all around the world
But murph dirt ain't no racist so come Holla at me in Spanish
Gimme that culo
World cup
Track Name: Tigers Jaw ON WEED Prod. BUMSWEAT
This is an open letter
to the girl that saved me
The girl that hates me
The girl made me
Get my shit together
Made me so much better
Was there to weather the storm
Than was gone without much aplomb
Can't thank you enough
Can't thank you enough

I love to death, I wish things weren't bad
I wish I was there, with you in bed
I miss so much, but that's for the best
Before you came I wished for death
You saved my life, I'll never forget
My body aches just to feel your breath
Taste your tongue, caress your breast
I've trapped you deep down inside my chest
You're in my heart
You are my heart
Track Name: June Bedroom 14
It's not easy to see you happy
But I'm glad that you're feeling happy
I am sorry I can't make you happy
But you pretending to love me can't make me happy
 I'm so glad to see that you're happy
But I can help remember the times we made eachother just feel alive
And now I don't even want to see your face
And that's fucked up.
I'm glad to see you so happy
But I can't stand to see that your happy with him
I'm glad to see that you're so happy
But I can't stand to see you at all
I'm glad to see you happy
But I don't really wanna talk to you again
Track Name: *BONUS* D.H.S. Prod. GBMYSTICAL
Drunk n high
Drunk high n sad

Damn I hate life when I'm fuckin  sober
Damn I hate it even more when Im fuckin snortin
Damn I just parachuted a whole fuckin school bus
Time to find a girl and show her how this dick work
Trying to get hard off a fifth of the yak
And a oxy
And She don't deserve this shit cause compared to me she's lookin fuckin perfect
Damn I think she nervous, god damn she a virgin
Damn I'm a monster
Damn the condom broke fast
Plan b ask troy 40 bucks for the plan b
Tell her pop that shit like candy
Pop one pop two I'll pop a xanny
Now I gotta decide what my exit plan be
Barbiturate Kiss on the forehead and I'm audi